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A significant part of the dating buzz lately has been focused around the Seduction Community, a loosely-affiliated subculture of men devoted to mastering the arts and sciences of seducing women. In the tradition of men before them dating back to the mid-'70's, the pioneers of today's Seduction Community are self-styled Pick Up Artists (PUA) like Mystery Method, Ross Jeffries, Love Systems, Juggler, Tyler Durden, and David DeAngelo write books, teach workshops, offer coaching, and sell CD/DVD programs all teacher other men how to follow in their footsteps. Once a purely underground phenomenon, the Seduction Community was brought to the mainstage through Neil Strauss's seminal expose', "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-Up Artists". Now the Seduction Community has an active presence in most major cities in the world and on the worldwide web.
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Exotic, charming and wonderful - this we can say about Asian girls! That woman requires special attention and respect. Asian women are the carriers of century-old family rituals and traditions. Respect towards her husband - is not just a tradition or ancient custom, is primarily due and can even say - family la
My take is that Shaun's girlfriend needs to speak with a counselor about what is holding her back. Perhaps she wasn't ready to have sex (Shaun doesn't state how old the two of them are), maybe she has intimacy issues, or perhaps she's even been sexually abused. But no matter what the reason, it is impairing their relationship with one another and needs to be addressed ASAP. I'd advise Shaun to have a heart to heart with his girlfriend in a non-threatening place that isn't sexually charged (i.e. not the bedroom) about what's going on, and suggest maybe she seek some professional assistance. If he's really wanting to make things work, he might even suggest they go together.
Who doesn’t love the band, Styx!? Takes me back to the good ol’ days and reminds me of my life growing up. (Ahem, my parents had fabulous taste in music). So I am absolutely LOVING this date night theme from the darling Makana with “Texas is for Lovers!” Keep in mind that even if you…
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